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What is Mulanting?

Mulanting is a web-based Chinese Mandarin learning curriculum designed to develop basic Mandarin communicative skills in speaking, listening, reading, and writing for students in grades K-6. This one-of-a-kind learning solution was developed by a panel of esteemed Chinese language teachers and e-learning educational experts whose goal was to build a content-rich curriculum relevant to the lives of American students. Our age-appropriate content offers students the opportunity to learn Mandarin while exploring topics that already appeal to them, promoting cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

Mulanting is comprised of two essential components:

Mandarin Courses

Mulanting offers in-depth Mandarin courses comprised of 15-30 minute lessons designed to teach and enhance vocabulary and reading comprehension skills, starting with Pinyin. Upon completion of these courses, students will have mastered over two thousand frequently used Chinese words, allowing them to read and speak basic Mandarin with ease in their everyday lives.

Chinese Magazines

Mandarin language skills are reinforced through age-appropriate and engaging magazine-style reading materials. Each magazine offers illustrated articles on popular topics such as culture, music, sports, history, and science.To aid with accurate Chinese pronunciation, each article also includes a voice recording performed by one of CCTV Children's Channel's actors.

Why Use Mulanting?

When students use Mulanting, they excel in the following areas:

Listening and Speaking

Mulanting helps to build a strong foundation in oral communication through comprehensive listening and speaking exercises in each lesson. Learning games are included along the way to reinforce what students have learned as they move through the program.

Chinese Character Recognition

Character recognition is an essential step to learning how to read and write in Mandarin. Students using Mulanting learn practical strategies designed to help them recognize and remember Chinese characters, while also teaching them how to adapt these strategies when trying to decipher new characters.

Reading and Writing

Character recognition quickly facilitates basic reading and writing skills. From there, students learn scriptwriting, which leads to the gradual mastery of essay writing skills.

Students have fun learning Chinese with Mulanting

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Who developed Mulanting?

The Mulanting's courses and magazines were developed by a panel of Chinese language teachers at prestigious schools in China and e-learning educational experts in the United States (Urbana Champaign). This was critical in creating a user friendly learning product that is not only interesting and practical but that also covers broad coverage of topics that are appealing to the users.
Engaging, challenging, and diversified high-quality questions

We has over 10 years of experience in research and development of online education products.
Engaging, challenging, and diversified high-quality questions

Top data analysis experts helped design and create our personalized learning program.
Engaging, challenging, and diversified high-quality questions

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